Truth About Work-From-Home Jobs

In a piece on a scam alert is issued. We agree. Slowly but surely, writers and bloggers are willing to say things are worse in online schooling than any of us would have thought even five years ago. Keep it coming! You would find links to good articles if you wish to read them. We will caption the best and make a note.I am working on a chapter about digital transcription for our forthcoming book about work at home jobs,

Undress4Success: If the subtitle The Naked Truth About Working From Home was ever appropriate it’s here. There are oodles of nasty scams associated with the field, and the truth needs to be revealed. Three-quarters of digital transcriptionists work from home, and on the face of it, it seems like a job anyone with some typing skills could do. Trust me, it ain’t. But that doesn’t stop unscrupulous rip-off artists from preying on people who don’t know any better.

Strong, to the point. Author is even considering a book to go with US legal changes that were legislated last November, 2011. We would only critique the author by saying the schools recommended do not publish post graduate placement rates. As always, the reader is the best judge.


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