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A Few Services That May Delay The Need For Nursing Home Options

If you find yourself considering potential nursing home options for yourself or for a relative of yours, it is worth knowing that there are a few alternatives to this, involving a range of services that can be provided directly at the living place of the client to help him/her with daily activities and which can end up in significantly delaying the need to move to a nursing home.
These services may include:
• Delivery of meals – the meals are cooked elsewhere, and later delivered according to an agreed schedule.
• Shopping services – a volunteer or anyone else for a small pay could be doing the grocery, and buy the most necessary items.
• Cleaning services – for instance, once a week a person or even an entire crew might help clean the house.
• Transportation services – driver services might be required for medical appointments, for visits, social events.
• Caregiver assistance – either full time or for a few hours a day, the caregiver can check the health status, help out with bathing, eating, etc.
• Friendly visitor programs – these involve screened and trained volunteers that may provide assistance as well as interact socially with elder people usually for at least an hour a week.
• Help with legal questions, paying bills, or other financial matters.
Together with a few home modifications that will enhance accessibility and remove some potential barriers or dangers, these services (often provided by volunteers) might allow people to lead an independent lifestyle and to avoid nursing home options at least until they really have no choice. However, even with these suggestions, the time may come where additional services will be helpful to your loved one. When that happens, look to Meadow Lake Retirement Community specialists for a variety of offered services, living spaces, and healthcare options.