Corporate Culture of Xiya: Manufacturer of Table Covers and Mats

To get the leading position in the industry and create the professional taste and culture about multi-pad.

Mission about the Culture: To create the unique culture of Xiya and spread through the world.

Corporate Vision: With the popularization of Xiya table covers and mats, to improve the taste and lifestyle.

Culture Connotations:

We attach great importance to staff training and improvement of their comprehensive quality for better production of table covers and mats. Each employee has further improvement and fair opportunities for competition and promotion. For the long-term development, we offer different systematic trainings every year, at different levels, for different employees. Respecting the talents, we insist on the human-oriented management so that each employee can fully exert their talents, work and learn for more confidence and joy in life.

The staffs are the initiators of the business culture. The business culture stimulates the development of the company and the corporate competitiveness would be enhanced. We believe that the core of competition is the talents and high-end technology, which would be along with the development of the company.

Xiya will bring you not only high quality table covers and mats but also life style as well as the pursuit and hopes for the future. Integrity, professionalism and innovation are the spirits which enrich our soul and mind. Benevolence, unity, devotion and courage are the values which motivate us.

Our pursuit knows no end. We will be the luminous Pearl, standing in the East. With you to be our friends and partners, we will have a better development. With us, you would have a great success.

We regard the social responsibility as our life. Let us work together for the social prosperity and the stability of the world and embrace a better future.


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