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We sell the exact same brands which you will find available through your dentist – except much cheaper! Including Zoom Day White, Night White ACP, PolaDay, PolaNight, Brighter White, Opalescence, Crest Whitestrips, Whitening Strips, Colgate Whitening, Dr. Collins, Supersmile Toothpastes, Beyond Dental, BreathRX, TheraBreath, TheraBrite, Dr Katz, BriteSmile, DenTek, Plackers, Plus White, SleepRight and Dr. Brux.

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We should note that the previous Intuos Creative Stylus tip was bulbous and consequently less accurate. The Stylus 2 features a thinner, firmer longer lasting tip—allowing you to draw more naturally. The Stylus 2 is now also lighter and longer for a better balance, feel, and control. The improved Stylus 2 is also less expensive and doesn’t require the hassle of changing AAAA batteries.

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We tried the mint flavour, and while it’s subtle, it’s not unpleasant. However, swirling for the recommended time – a whole 15 minutes – is no mean feat. It’s A LONG time to be sitting there with your mouth full of oil, so it does require dedication (just plonk yourself in front of the TV to distract yourself). One huge plus was that Coco White didn’t seem to affect the sensitivity of our teeth like teeth whitening strips often can, so it felt like a much safer experience.

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We use a patented Advanced Contact Cooling System to protect your outer skin during a laser hair removal treatment. The laser’s light emerges through a sapphire crystal window that is pressed against your skin, to instantly remove the heat that gives you a little pinch” feeling as the laser pulses. Our equipment also emits a patented smooth pulse of light, which delivers a continuous energy level without characteristic spikes in energy that in some of the other lasers cause a sharp sting. You experience minimum discomfort during a LaserLight treatment, and many of our clients report that the sensation is much more comfortable than waxing, electrolysis, or even tweezing!

We use a special whitening accelerant at Shorewood Family Dental Care with years of proof behind it. The whitening accelerant swabs that we apply to your teeth before the whitening gel speed the process along by accelerating the breakdown of peroxide just enough to make it a perfectly fast whitening solution. Don’t spend money on a maybe” solution when we have the stuff that really works!

We use the Beyond Polus whitening system which won the Top Whitening System” award for the second year running in the Dental Advisor, a leading US publication this year. This is mainly due to its high power output using halogen technology, clinically proven to be more effective than cheaper LED systems, used by many other companies. The Beyond Polus has both UV and heat filters resulting in a more comfortable treatment experience, by reducing the risk of sensitivity and avoiding the need to apply UV protection.

We use the diode in our practice for three things in general: teeth whitening, minor gum surgery and minor gum adjustments. In our practice, we use it predominantly for TMJ pains (temporomandibular jaw pains). In many cases, we see that TMJ pains also manifests as headaches so we use it for treatment of pain around the head and neck area, and we use it for treatment of the cold sores, ulcers, and any damaged tissue that might be present in the mouth.

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We use the Opalescence Teeth Whitening System (see PDF – Teeth Whitening). Yes, it is completely safe. Unlike other whitening systems, Opalescence contains PF, that is, potassium nitrate and fluoride. Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity. Fluoride has been shown to help reduce cavities and strengthen enamel. Together they help to improve the overall health of the teeth.


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