Choosing the Right Colorado Flight Schools Is Vital

It is always important that you thoroughly do your research before applying for any Colorado flight schools. This way you will know for sure what options you have at your disposal and you will be able to make a decision you will not regret in the future. Going in unprepared is never a good option, since you will only waste time and money.
Make sure you speak to experienced flight school officials. The experts at Independence Aviation will be able to give you the facts and tell you what sets the different types of flight schools apart:
FAA part 61 flight schools
These flight schools generally offer more flexibility than their counterparts. The flight instructor’s curriculum does not have to follow a specific syllabus, and they can choose how to cover the necessary materials according to their students’ progress.
You will not have to worry about any formal ground school program. You can easily study your courses at home if you wish.
FAA part 141 flight schools
These flight schools have a more structured environment. They need to operate with an approved syllabus. Colorado flight schools officials say that students have to complete a certain number of classroom hours in this system.


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