Ideal 17 Day Diet

“If you’re not 100% raw, you’re basically in the cooked food mindset.” It didn’t attract me at all. It didn’t repulse me. I have some friends who are 100% raw and they’re repulsed by cooked foods. There are certain cooked foods that repulse me. I told you before that coffee smells like chemicals to me. Many things will You can go out and do things. You have complete freedom. The problem is there is a big prison in your mind. Some people have mastered the 100% raw food diet mindset. Others haven’t. If you’re not 100% raw, you’re basically in the cooked food mindset. You could be high raw. The only reason you’re eating cooked food is you believe there is some advantage to a life with cooked food in it. You need to bring yourself to this point. One of the biggest things to hold people back is they’re not 100% sure they can get all their nutrients on the raw food diet just by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It seems strange to them. They probably never questioned the diet they ate while they were growing up. Learn more at and

Why should you be more worried about eating your natural diet versus what you were eating before, which is highly toxic? Again, much of this depends on how much personal research you’ve done into these issues. It’s one thing for me to say, “It’s poisonous.” There are many facts to prove that. Most people can prove it by going 100% raw for six months, or even a month or two, and then going back to eating cooked food. You probably will feel quite sick after that first meal. Steve Pavlina is a good example. He caught a cold. He had a fever and couldn’t work. I would give it 30 days, preferably 60 days, of being 100% raw, but it has to be done in a sustainable manner. Your chances are much better if you are either in telephone a cooked food addict, but the problem was that I was a cooke that’s one of the big things. That means going on the ideal, perfect diet for 30 days. There are too many changes at once. It’s unsustainable, although mostly for the mind. It is sustainable in the long term. You said that the most important thing is to go on a low-fat diet. Dr. Graham pioneered this concept in the raw food movement. You also said at first you can make some concessions in eating spices or salt. Can you expand on that transition strategy? With Steve, I recommended to him to be not quite so strict. He could keep relatively low fat, but he was eating mostly mono- meals. It was relatively simple. There was no salt or other spices. He made some recipes. Eventually he got to the point where he liked it. When I was first 100% raw, I was really looking forward to going to raw food restaurants in New York City. To have something that was almost as good as cooked food but wasn’t as bad was really helpful at first. Sometimes that stuff is pretty heavy though, Some people can go from a regular diet to eating mono-meals with no spices and stay 100% raw. I know someone who went 100% raw right away with no problems. She kept it up for a while, but now she’s not 100% raw. Her health has gone down in a lot of ways. She has some very serious health problems, but she’s still not going 100% raw. She knows she should. It was so easy for her before, but now it’s not. You have to hang around people for whom it is easy. Trust me. Learn more at


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