Intentional Pheromones

In fact, many women will intentionally pull away to “test” you to see just how badly you want them.  Don’t worry if she is pulling away from you a little bit. As we said before, she may be testing you, and if a woman does not test you, she is not interested. Women fall in love through resistance, and she has to test you to see if she can trust you with her emotions. If she leans away and every time you come crawling back begging and pleading with her to not be upset or angry with you, she will feel smothered and run.
It is okay to stand your ground, even if she is angry with your cheap pheromone perfume. Give her the gift of being angry and allow her to experience her emotions; they will pass quickly if you stop resisting them. Rub your hands together until they get hot and then move them so they are six inches apart. Can you still feel the connection between your hands? Thats like the connection between you and a woman. As your connection gets stronger, they will lean in to the point where your fingertips are touching, and then you may say something to trigger them or they will test you and lean away. 
You never know, but instead of playing tug-of-war with her, you dance with the dynamics. How you respond to their energetic lean away and tests will determine how successful you are with women. Instead of making yourself wrong for causing their behavior, simply choose a dynamic to stand in, get curious with them. “I noticed you just seemed to pull away, is that true?” If they say “Yes,” ask them, “What’s that about?” That may be enough to have them lean back in. For other women, you might need to joke with them, playfully tease them, or get really bold and even challenge them. You may need to acknowledge them or connect with them. What’s funny is that this may cause them to lean away even more. The number one key is to pay more attention to the Attract -O- Meter then anything else. This means that you will have to learn how to dance between the dynamics to create more leaning in. As you get more masterful, you’ll become more intuitive about which pheromones actually work. Get pheromones at
Use pheromones dynamics to step into to create a stronger lean in. If you take anything from this section take this: Unless you have a really strong lean in, do not ask them to take the next step with you! In other words, the only time you ask her to take the next step with you, whether that be kissing her, getting her number, asking for a date—make sure you have a strong lean in. When the moment is right and she is leaning in, that is when you go for the kiss. Learn more at and
How to Flow Without Agenda & Meet Women So What is an Agenda? 
If you are communicating with a woman with the intention of trying to make something happen (i.e. get her number, sex, etc….) and you are really attached to that outcome, you will repel them. 


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