Pheromones Matter

You need to make her feel like there’s no difference between her and any other girls. You have to treat all the girls the same, and she has to feel that. So if you’re going to

hit on her, be playful with her and flirt with her, then you have to do this with all the girls pheromones. This is slightly harder as it requires some skill on your part. I give you an exact blueprint of how to do this in The Art Of Social Circle Seduction which you can find in the members area. You’ll have to tone it down slightly so the girls don’t think you’re a sleaze, but if you’re fun playful and have a sexual edge with all the girls, then when you hit on the one you want she won’t realize and you’ll still be dangling the carrot in front of her. She’ll still work to win you over your new pheromones. Learn more at’m going to show you how to deal with dimes. A dime or a dime—piece as some people call it, is another word for a 10. A girl who is drop dead gorgeous, stunning, a head turner, a perfect “10” she’s a dime, and despite these women being actually easier to date than regular less attractive women, there are some things you need to pay attention to more pheromones.

As you put the material in this book into practice, the quality of women you will date

will improve, and as it improves you need to understand some of the differences between the women that you used to date and the women that you will be dating.

You’re transforming into a King, so women are going to expect you to behave in a certain way. If you don’t behave like a King, you will start to come across as

Incongruent pheromone attraction. I used to hang out a lot with a girl called Chloe who was a really cool, fun and friendly girl and a phenomenal hip—hop dancer. She was on the cusp of becoming professional till she had a really bad knee injury in a competition which pretty much killed off her career. It took her a couple of years to recover fully from the knee injury and in the meantime she taught dance workshops to people who were looking to polish up their pheromone skills at The only thing I had to worry about from that point onwards was actually meeting the women that I want and having the type of life where they would be given to me with more pheromones.

In the next chapter I’ll be giving you some important techniques on overcoming some of the pheromone challenges you’ll face with women, and more importantly very beautiful women. Focus on that when you’re trying to get access and there

will be no social circle, no type of woman and no type of sex life that is beyond your new pheromones. Learn more at remember when I first started meeting people I would follow the advice that was

given in virtually every book about socializing and networking that I had read more pheromones.


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