Starting Out With Pheromones

I think for a lot of guys they lack pheromones when making this happen, they’re often kind of nervous about doing it because they’ve not seen it through before from start to finish. One thing that really really helped me with that, I met a girl with a friend and we both arranged a date with her, this was before I got good at all. He took her home on that date and had sex with her. I thought shit that’s not something like I feel I could do. So I wrote out an entirely fictitious kind of field report about when I went from meeting a girl all the way to having sex with her. Learn more at and I tried to go into as much pheromone spray as possible. What I found that did was really make me think through the logistics, like well I’ve met her in a club, now what happens? It forced me to have a pheromone boost there, forced me to read other guy’s field reports, ah yes so that’s how they got the kiss, so that’s how they got her home, how they escalated and so on. It can be a useful way to find out what you’ve not thought of at that point, what you’re not doing and really crystallise in your mind what steps you’re going to need to take from where you’ve met the girl to taking it all the way. Yeah on the same night, where you’re going for the ONS and trying to get her home. That is a big leap from the club to your house sometimes even if things are going sexual, how do you frame that, how do you set it up, what are your specific logistical tactics to do that? One thing I do is fill my room with shit that girls like. When girls come into my room they really don’t want to leave there, some guys too!  (The Don) How do you get them to your house? What’s the pheromone to get her from the club to your house?  (Sheriff) I’ll have been selling pheromones up stuff that I’ve got in my room and house. I’ll talk about travelling, about all the great interesting and fun stuff I have from travelling around my room. Quite frankly I’m a little embarrassed because I’m thinking about doing these things to you, but we’re in a bar in the middle of so many people. What are you doing to me? You’re putting a spell on me. ” I’ll rub it up against her. This is a bit of an outrageous strategy but if I’m starting to get hard in my trousers I’ll take her hand and put it on there and say, “What are you doing to me? ” One thing you’re doing there is using a kind of role-play. You can get away with so much if you do it in the context of game. If you’re kind of joking around with them there, it’s okay because it kind of releases the pheromones pressure a bit. Learn more at


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