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“So what is the price of Vigrx Plus” you ask? Here’s “what”: D id you know that both the potency and the size of your penis is dependent on this “Yang” hormone? That’s right. This is interestingly expressed even in the chemical make – up of Testosterone itself. When you compare it to Estrogen, the only visible difference between these two molecules is the extra “carbon” you see protruding out of the molecule model, making the compound look like it has a hard – on with Vigrx Plus or X4 Labs. Don’t ask me if this is a coincidence or not. It’s a foregone conclusion as far as I am concerned. Second : y ou know that as you age, your body doesn’t actually decline the production of Testosterone, but it increases the production of what’s called the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which actually binds to your free Testosterone molecules, “trapping” them and rendering them ineffective. This is one huge reason why men suffer from declined metabolism and sexual drive with age . Learn more at and schools believe a part of the reason why Maca increases your testosterone level is also to do with a possible inhibiting effect on SHB G, enabling the circulation of more “free” unbound Testosterone. Now, whether that is true remains to be a matter of research. What matters is that Testosterone levels have been shown to enjoy a marked boost after Maca’s consumption, regardless of t he mechanisms involved. The good news is, the third food I am about to reveal below is known to actually help make the production of available “free” Testosterone even more efficient. More on that in a minute…Extenders like SizeGenetics are proven to increase girth. What’s more, they should still have a dark purple (along with brown) hue to them by the time they reach your hands. These are all sure signs that they are still fresh, and of a superior variety that won’t get you sick after eating them. Forewarned is forearmed. In Item 3 , I described that Cacao enhances the assimilation and medicinal effectiveness of the other two potency – enhancing “sex foods ” I am about to reveal . This should not come as a surprise to you, as Cacao’s use as folk medicine, wherein it was given to patients in combination with other healing foods and herbs because of accentuated the effects of those , is well – known . And this has certainly been true in the traditional way Cacao was consumed in combination with our next revealed superfood. What’s this superfood? Here’s a Kirlian picture of a “grain” of this food (actually, a root normally consumed in ground form) and the energy it emanates… “ The Peruvian Viagra ” Courtesy of S My Good Sirs & Fair Maidens , welcome the sacred “ Peruvian Viagra” – the superfood known as Maca . Remember the mention of “cabbage” earlier? Maca actually belongs to the cabbage family. A tuberous plant growing up to 4000 meters above sea level on the climatically grueling environment s of the Peruvian Andes, this miracle plant’s reputation as a strength and libido builder is well – befitting it’s resilient survival on Peru’s harsh steppes. Learn more at


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