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Sexual Femininity and other personal characteristics

A harsh reality of mating is that if you’re a woman, roughly 80% of your sexual mastery is determined by how good you look. About a third of your appearance, mainly the part that relates to your physique, is attributable to your choices and can be improved through hard work and self-discipline. The following section covers the remaining 20 or so per cent, the female characteristics that have nothing to do with looks but which nonetheless have a significant impact on sexual mastery .

Femininity For the first hundreds of thousands of years of human existence, women were feminine and men were masculine. Both sides acknowledged that, because of biological differences, each had their own particular strengths and weaknesses. For the last three generations or so, however, it’s become fashionable to deny and suppress these gender differences. In Part Three I’ll talk about why this trend of gender equalization brought on by third wave feminism is misguided and has failed horrendously to improve the happiness of both sexes, but for now suffice it to say that current Western society feminizes its men and masculinizes its women. The concepts of femininity and masculinity pertain to the characteristics of a person that are quintessential to each gender. A good singing voice, for example, is not quintessentially female or male, but very high or very low pitch voices are. When we hear a man with a high voice or a woman with a low voice, men and women both cringe because it is abhorrent. It is perverse, in the true sense of the word, because it’s so sexually deviant and runs counter to the natural inclinations of the genders. Man’s natural state is masculinity; woman’s is femininity. Just as women find effeminate men sexually unappealing, a woman’s masculinity kills boners. Masculine men want feminine women and vice versa, but truly feminine women and masculine men in Europe and North America are scarce these days. Women are disenchanted with the lack of real men, men with the dearth of real women. Human biology is far older than gender equality theory, and so men still prefer womanly women and women still detest camp men. Learn more at http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20161115/boost-your-stamina-in-bedroom and https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/03/28/phallacy-for-men-and-extenders/

Feminism, which in its first incarnation started with the very reasonable request for equal rights, got more than it bargained for with the advent of its second and third waves. Second and third wave feminism taught men that they were inherently bad and oppressive, a sort of original sin for being male, and that, since the sexes were essentially the same except for their genitals, any female lack of achievement must be attributable to male structural sexism. This made men fearful of being masculine and made them increasingly submissive. As men’s masculinity waned, that of women grew to take its place. When men stopped wearing the pants, women began to. Nature abhors a pants-wearing vacuum. As a result, we increasingly have a society of girly men and fierce women. Neither gender is content with that situation, for each gender is instinctively attracted to certain qualities which can only be found in the other. To raise sexual mastery , men must develop their masculine qualities and women their feminine ones. I’ll discuss some of the most important of the feminine qualities below. Learn more at http://alphaguys.weebly.com/blog/why-do-women-moan-during-intimacy

Foregone with Vigrx Plus

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The Male Supplement Factor

Vigrx Plus and male supplements a hot topic and an important
topic, too.  Yeah and you’ve got a really
good topic for us today. But before we dive into to talking about hormones and
weight for women, let’s hear a little bit about you. So you’re a dietitian. And
I’d love to know, first of all, what is a dietitian? Dietitian is a food
expert, I would say. And I like to think of myself as a detective. I think we
look at so much more than just food. There’s a lot more to it than that.   And it’s really difficult to do that. Check out http://infospeak.org/?p=10 

 And when you have a bunch of hormones that are
imbalanced.  So let’s start with
something you mentioned already which is blood sugar.     And that’s something that I call PFC balanced
eating. So when cortisol is elevated, your blood sugar levels increase.  Perfect. Men generally have more testosterone
and women will have more estrogen. So it’s really  about getting the right balances and just
getting your hormones in general in balance.   
So it’s interesting how like all of your hormones will affect other hormones.
It’s like playing dominos.   Yeah. I
think women a little bit more than men are vulnerable because we’re changing so
much all the time, like every month we’re changing  and we’re doing phases with their hormones
and aphrodisiacs.  And getting hormones
imbalanced it’s a huge underlying – it really should be the foundation of
everything you do. And that’s how we feel better and more energetic and get
better sleep and just improve the quality of life. Learn more at 
http://male-enhancement-report.com/kamagra-2/ and https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/male-supplements-that-work/  

 And my general rule of thumb for a client starting out with
us, since we really help people stop counting calories and grams of fat, and
start eating again to heal from the inside out and gain their health back, so
most of them don’t really have their hunger sensor anymore. They’re kind of out
of touch with their body.  So if you’re
including those, generally a good starting point would be.  So if you were skimping on the protein and
maybe skipping the fat altogether before, now you’re adding those in. And it’s
going to keep you full. And eating every three hours or so, also helps with
that because you’re eating in a way to stay ahead of your hunger. And the
reason most of us have it for some reason or another is because the causes are
things like stress and smoking and over-exercise and sugar and trans fats and
processed vegetable oils that we once thought were healthy for us. We’re having
a lot of artificial sweeteners, refined carbohydrates, food sensitivities.  Acute inflammation would be the kind, you
know, you get a paper cut. Or you stub your toe.

 I had this cloud over my head, and I had no idea what was
causing it or how I could get rid of it. I started just digging into research
and jumping on the Internet like everyone else does, and found that, hey,
there’s some correlation between how stressed- out you are, to how well you
sleep, to what nutrition you have or are lacking in your diet, and how that
ties into your neurotransmitters, your brain chemicals, and your hormones that
make you feel good.