Freebie Trading – One of the Less Healthy Online Money Making Opportunities

There is something about the Internet that allows people to believe in the promise of get-rich-quick online money making opportunities. Stuff on the Internet isn’t necessarily subject to the laws of this country; and if they are, they are often not regulated like real businesses. But when you don’t have a lot of great job prospects, and you have about a dozen bills piled up, just about anything they claim on the Internet – envelope stuffing, click marketing – begins to look not so bad after all. There is so many websites that try to get by advertising ideas and opportunities that sound so mesmerizing, we wonder why the people who run the websites don’t do it themselves. Surely, those desperate pleas for your attention, don’t speak as someone who seems to be getting by quite very well, do they? Some of these really stand out, and one of the best so far has been Project Payday, a plan that works off an Internet moneymaking plan called freebie trading.

If you’ve been puttering around on the Internet long enough looking for a way to make some spending money, you’ve probably run across this term yourself. As with most things on the Internet that succeed in making a profit, it is about directing traffic to special websites. They make you get on forums, make personal websites and videos, all to to somehow direct traffic someone’s way. If you think that this sounds awfully close to affiliate marketing, there is one major difference. With freebie trading, all the members, make deals to buy products from these websites, for one another, and collect a commission for doing this. And unlike other online money making opportunities that collect a little fee from thousands of applicants, and disappear never to be heard from again, regular everyday people really do make several thousand dollars in commissions all the time.

You visit what they call an incentivized freebie website that advertises all kinds of products and trial offers. Some of the trial offers are from well-known companies and others are from online lotteries and other shady businesses; if you sign up for the trials yourself, and you get a few friends to sign up too, you stand to win these offers – expensive makeup, cars, plasma TVs, just about anything. Of course, people aren’t as interested in winning stuff; they want online money making opportunities – not useless stuff-making opportunities. And so, enter the freebie trading business. Those websites are not allowed to pay you for actually trying the products you see trial offers for; but if you would bring them other people to try those websites, they can pay you a referral fee. The advertisers pay them, in cash or in kind, and they can pay you. And that is how you make your money.

There could be several hundred thousand people involved in this, all cross-referring one another, to try out products. Lots of forums exist, where these people can congregate, and refer one another. This isn’t one of those online money-making opportunities that promise you thousands for no work. You do have to round up new people on a regular basis, to keep bringing in your referral fees. In that way, it is not a scam, and it really works. But like any multilevel marketing scheme or pyramid scheme, finding new sign-ups steadily becomes tougher and tougher. The advertisers, as reputed as most of them are, keep paying for new trials of their products, because enough people who sign up actually come through with an actual purchase. If there are all these people who just keep signing up to take advantage of the freebie trading online money making opportunities,and canceling their trials, there is no reason for the advertisers to keep pumping cash into this pipeline. And that will be the end of it.


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