Using Pheromones In The Club

Between us, Lee and I must have escalated every hot girl in the club using pheromone sprays. Some of them blew us off right away, but I actually got more good reactions than I did bad ones. Even the girls who were blowing me off were being polite about it, and often I went back for a second and third try and eventually got them to hook on more pheromones.

As the night progressed I began to feel this ball of fire in my gut, urging me on. That was about the time I saw two hot Turkish girls standing off to one side of the upstairs dance floor. Check out pheromones at and

Dusky Turks are a one hundred percent match for me — thick glossy black hair, heavy eyebrows, fiery eyes, tanned skin — just perfect. I tried it on with the first Turkish stunner. She hooked on the hand holding but bailed when I pushed it further my pheromone usage.

An hour later, I went after her friend.

She hooked and eye-spazzed so I walked her backwards to the wall and then eye fucked her while forehead to forehead, breathing hard on her through my nose. My arms were behind my back. I stood motionless, eye fucking her. Then I ran my breath all round her face, held her hand and she returned the mutual caressing. Then the kiss. She was well into it. I isolated her into a discreet corner and it was going great. I Verbally escalated with dirty talk, pulled a tit out of her top and was well on the way to a same night lay before her friend texted incessantly and demanded she come find her. I left it for ten minutes, found her, dragged her back and was just about to get it on again when the friend stormed over and pulled her out the club. Boo. She was an eight and a one-hundred-percent Krauser girl.

Shrugging my shoulders and mildly disappointed I marched right through to the middle of the dance floor and pulled another girl in, led her off to the bar and she gave me the full—body merge with her crotch pushing into my thigh and her arms draped around me. Later, her boyfriend came over and peeled her off.

It was never-ending, four hours of madness. I remember eye fucking and handholding a girl on the dance floor then another random girl, a hottie, interrupted her by grabbing my neck chain and literally dragging me away so I can eye fuck her instead. How was this even happening? It was completely out of character compared to my prior nightclub experiences. Another girl did a stripper dance for me to which I exaggerated a yawn and back-turned so she upped the ante by grinding and kissing her female friend in front of me. Later she tooled three local men into dancing like monkeys around her at the same time while we eye coded each other across the bar. Learn about pheromones at


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